A unique approach

Valdo Academics is a bespoke

 international tutoring agency, committed to making academic tutoring

more effective, fun, and ethical.


We headhunt outstanding academic tutors who inspire their students and bring a subject to life. 

We help students across a range of channels:

What lessons do we offer?

We connect the best tutors with students from all around the world who wish to attend the best universities or improve in the International Baccalaureate diploma.

Our tutors are typically "cum-laude" graduates from the most prestigious American and British institutions. They have an extraordinary academic background, unique professional experiences and a passion for the world of art, business, and research.

How does it work?

Our lessons take place according to a calendar agreed with the student. We use cutting edge technologies to carry out online lessons:

Shared interactive whiteboard 

Skype Calls

Google Docs / Google Sheets

If you live in London, the lesson can also happen in person, as many of our tutors are based here.

Are you Italian? Visit

We have a dedicated branch to cater Italian students and families' specific needs

Are you Italian?

Visit our dedicated site!

Let the numbers speak for themselves.


In 2018-2019, our tutees received university offers to 93% of their applications, against a national average of 69%! (Source: UCAS)

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Meet extraordinary academics:

Mentors more than tutors

Valdo Academics does a job that goes beyond study preparation: our tutors assist students on the IB path from a human as well as an academic point of view.


Thanks to their young age and the confidence they gain in children, in fact, they become points of reference from which students can draw inspiration.


They are therefore positioned halfway between a professor and a friend, occupying the crucial  position of mentors.

A star-studded curriculum

​We work with tutors who graduated from the best universities in the world:

  • Harvard

  • Yale

  • Oxford

  • Cambridge

  • UCL (University College London)

  • LSE (London School of Economics)

  • Imperial College London

  • King's College London

Scroll through the slideshow to have a taste of our tutors


  • Michele teaches Biology and Chemistry, and prepares students for admission to the best Faculties of Medicine

  • Michele graduated from UCL with honors in Medical Sciences and Neuroscience with a research project supervised by the 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, Dr. J. O'Keefe.


  • He has just completed his final year at UCL Medical School, obtaining a Distinction in both clinical years. He is now working as a junior doctor in Italy.​

  • Before studying at UCL, he graduated with 44/45 IB points from the United World College of the Adriatic (placing himself in the top 0.3% worldwide); he studied at UWCAD with a full scholarship worth € 40,000 after a national selection.

  • He has extensive tutoring experience, having participated in teaching activities for university students and IB over the course of six years.

  • Besides being a doctor and a tutor, he is a multi-instrumentalist specialized in piano, with an education in the Italian conservatory.

  • His scientific and clinical background, together with his passion for music, allows him to draw on different skills to offer a unique and engaging teaching style.

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