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We headhunt outstanding academic tutors who inspire their students and bring a subject to life. 

We help students across three key channels:

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In the 2018-2019, we ran upon students' request a wide variety of courses and events in Rome.

Valdo Academics in figures


  • In 2018-2019 our tutees received university offers to 93% of their applications, against a national average of 69%!


the most common grade of our IB tutors (top 0.3% in the world)


The most common degree classification among our tutors is First Class Honors


 The average number of hours of teaching completed by our tutors, who are therefore very experienced


The average age of our tutors. The young age allows them to have a friendly relationship with each student, in such a way as to combine the great experience acquired with a pleasant and engaging studying atmosphere.

Who is Roberto Valdo Cortese?

Roberto is an Italian entrepreneur in London, consultant in the field of education, a theater director and producer.


He currently works as a supervisor of the academic programs of Valdo Academics, making sure that each student undertakes a personalised path with the best tutors at Valdo Academics. 


In terms of IB tutoring, he teaches mathematics, economics, Italian literature, and UCAS mentoring through courses held throughout Italy and the United Kingdom.

 Elena: Yale graduate, future human rights lawyer

  • Elena teaches English Literature, History and Arabic


  • At the moment, she is qualifying as a human rights lawyer at the New York University Law School (NYU) with a full scholarship. In 2018, she was offered a place by all the best law schools in the United States, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Columbia.


  • She graduated with honors from Yale, where she studied Political Science


  • Elena has extensive international work experience in the field of community research and the defense of marginalized populations. To support her work, she received six summer scholarships awarded by Yale.


  • She lived in Jordan for a year and a half, conducting research and advocacy for a local NGO working in the field with Syrian refugees living in informal camps.


  • She has visited 21 countries and is fluent in English, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, and a little French.


  • Before studying at Yale, she obtained her IB Diploma with 42/45 points at the United World College of the Adriatic.


  • Elena is passionate about rock climbing, trail running, and hiking. In addition to the outdoors, Elena loves painting, dancing at underground punk concerts, and eating spicy food.

Casper: an internationally renowned programmer

  • Casper is a university professor, programmer and tutor, who teaches Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Programming.

  • Although still young, he is well known in the IT field for his open source projects on GitHub, where he receives over 6 million downloads a month for the codes he has developed to make Python writing more efficient.

  • He has worked in leading global organizations such as the World Bank, The Met Office and Sony, as a researcher, climate change scientist, and systems engineer. He designed and conducted university lectures with C ++ and Python programming languages ​​for Imperial College London.

  • He is currently pursuing a doctorate at Imperial College London; his research attempts to improve the images of the brain, tumors and heart, obtained through positron emission. Also at Imperial College, Casper obtained a master's degree in Computer Science MSC (Distinction) and a degree in physics (First Class).

  • With an exceptional background both in academic research and in industry, he is in an optimal position to provide university counseling and career guidance to students of all ages.

  • He has over 7 years of experience in IB tutoring and is particularly well versed in STEM subjects and essays, supporting students of all levels.

  • When he is not teaching or doing research, Casper sings like an opera tenor, and enjoys scuba diving all over the world.

Our tutors have worked at the highest levels of academia

Michele: a doctor who worked with Nobel Prize winners

  • Michele teaches Biology and Chemistry, and prepares students for admission to the best Faculties of Medicine

  • Michele graduated from UCL with honors in Medical Sciences and Neuroscience with a research project supervised by the 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, Dr. J. O'Keefe.

  • He has just completed his final year at UCL Medical School, obtaining a Distinction in both clinical years. He is now working as a junior doctor in Italy.

  • Before studying at UCL, he graduated with 44/45 IB points from the United World College of the Adriatic (placing himself in the top 0.3% worldwide); he studied at UWCAD with a full scholarship worth € 40,000 after a national selection.

  • He has extensive tutoring experience, having participated in teaching activities for university students and IB over the course of six years.

  • Besides being a doctor and a tutor, he is a multi-instrumentalist specialized in piano, with an education in the Italian conservatory.

  • His scientific and clinical background, together with his passion for music, allows him to draw on different skills to offer a unique and engaging teaching style.