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Tutoring for the IB Diploma

We help students all over the world to excel in the IB Diploma, putting them in touch with extraordinary IB tutors. We are based in London and operate online all over the world.

Don't procrastinate

Promptly act on drawbacks and weaknesses. Don't wait for upcoming deadlines to up your game!

Excellence is just a click away

The most frequent grade among our tutors is 44/45; they have studied in the best universities in the world

Always be one step ahead 

We've worked with hundreds of students. We know what problems await them and how to tackle them

Book a Free Consultation

We provide all families looking for a tutor with a free consultation. For us, it's an opportunity to better understand how to help our students. For you, it's an opportunity to get to know us and discover our approach.

Who are our tutors?


The most common IB score amongst our tutors (best 0.3% in the world)

1st  class

The most frequent degree grade achieved by our tutors (First Class Honours is the best grade in British Universities) 


The average number of teaching hours accumulated by our tutors, who are thus very experienced

Researchers, artists, entrepreneurs... mentors!

Valdo Academic strongly believes in the power of interdisciplinary approaches.


This means that when we select our tutors, not only do we seek brilliant students, but we look for people who show passion and aspiration outside their studies as well. The result is a team of amazing tutors but also successful artists, young entrepreneurs and academic researchers. 

The reason why we do this? We want to form bright, dynamic and responsible minds, who strive for excellence both in their studies and in life. 

Scroll through the slideshow to have a taste of our tutors


  • Michele teaches Biology and Chemistry, and prepares students for admission to the best Faculties of Medicine

  • Michele graduated from UCL with honors in Medical Sciences and Neuroscience with a research project supervised by the 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, Dr. J. O'Keefe.


  • He has just completed his final year at UCL Medical School, obtaining a Distinction in both clinical years. He is now working as a junior doctor in Italy.​

  • Before studying at UCL, he graduated with 44/45 IB points from the United World College of the Adriatic (placing himself in the top 0.3% worldwide); he studied at UWCAD with a full scholarship worth € 40,000 after a national selection.

  • He has extensive tutoring experience, having participated in teaching activities for university students and IB over the course of six years.

  • Besides being a doctor and a tutor, he is a multi-instrumentalist specialized in piano, with an education in the Italian conservatory.

  • His scientific and clinical background, together with his passion for music, allows him to draw on different skills to offer a unique and engaging teaching style.

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