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What to study at university?

Where to study?

How much does it cost?

How to apply?

We can help you answer those questions

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Our orientation programme is a rigorous coaching course, delivered online and 1:1, which guides you in identifying a concrete list of degrees and universities to apply to. It costs €350+VAT.

The orientation programme lasts 3-5 meetings, and takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete.

Step 1: Orientation Questionnaire

Completete the Valdo Academics

Orientation questionnaire, to map your passions onto possible degrees.

Step 2: Guided reflection

You will hold between 3 and 5 metings with an orientation specialist to analyse the results, and comment on your insights. 

Based on these conversations, we will bring you a longlist of degrees. 

You will analyse the specific content of university degrees. We will look at First, Second, Third year and so on. We will look at every compulsory and optional module.

You will tell us: "this sounds great", or "this sounds very boring", and we will eliminate options together, eventually identifying the best degree for your interests, as well as the universities that offer it

Step 3: Shortlist and next steps

Once you have a shortlist, we will discuss this with your family. 

We will explain in detail what the choices are, and how you came to formulate them.

We will also outline the application steps.


You can then proceed independently, or seek our support for a discounted rate going forward.

You can begin your orientation by booking a free consultation with us.

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