Revision courses for the IB Diploma

IB revision courses consist of a number of half-days of strenghtening single subjects. I corsi di potenziamento IB consistono in una serie di intense mezze giornate di ripasso dedicate a una singola materia.

Class numbers are very small: they range from a minimum of 3 students to a maximum of 7. We want to give our attendees a personalised learning experience where they will work closely alongside our elite tutors.

Gli studenti avranno la possibilità di iscriversi a diversi corsi, vista la suddivisione degli stessi in mezze giornate. 

Benefits of the revision courses

Cover the IB syllabus in just a few days

The course will give you the chance to revise the key topics of the whole syllabus of the subject of choice. You will have the opportunity to obtain clarifications and exam tips from our tutors. 

Learn a tried and tested exam strategy

The most frequent IB score for our tutors is 44/45; they know the challenges IB students face and know how to overcome them. 

Improve no matter your level

We've worked with hundreds of students... we can help you up your game no matter your starting point. Each year, we help motivated students score 42 to 45 points and get into Oxbridge. 

London Courses XX-XX Month Year

Check our brochure out to learn the courses that will be offered and the exact dates for each subject.


Once you've made up your mind, you can book the course using the orange button on the right!

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