What are the SAT exams?

The SAT is a college entrance exam required by most world leading universities across the US (over 95% of universities require SATs) and Europe (Bocconi, IE, UK universities if you apply from abroad).

Not sure if you need to take the SAT?

Book a free consultation with us. We will tell you if the universities that interest you require you to take the SAT, and if so, what their target grades are going to be.

What SAT score will your target university expect?

How can we help you?

Valdo Academics and the education group H-FARM have teamed up to launch a series of online SAT courses, running for 4 weeks in July (beginning July 4th).

By the end of the four weeks, you will be confident in your ability to approach any question you encounter on the SAT.


You will receive a bespoke report detailing your plan of study moving forward, your current projected score, and when you should take the exam.


You also have the option of pursuing additional, individual tutoring throughout the four weeks and beyond, to perfect your university applications.

Begin your journey to prep for the SAT exams

Decades of experience in
digital education and mentoring

We offer two intensive courses for the SAT

The same material is taught in both courses.

One is a 4 weeks residential course (four weeks  in-person in Venice)

The other version of the course is taught fully online​


We run the courses with one of Europe's most important education groups: H-FARM

H-FARM is an education group which runs some of the most innovative boarding schools in Europe. It is based in Treviso, near Venice.

Download our joint brochure below.

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 Covid-19 has made SAT tests more important than ever

The pandemic has prevented millions of students around the world from taking SAT exams. Therefore, these have been made optional ... The result?


Thousands of candidates who previously would not have had the credentials to apply to the best universities thought they suddenly had a chance. As a result, access to these universities is much more competitive today than in the past. On average, in the top 20 universities, you will have to stand out among a number of applicants that has risen by 25-30% from last year.

In other words, whoever has a good SAT score in hand today is able to stand out among the candidates who have submitted an even stronger application than before. The SAT is in fact optional, but it remains an important tool to evaluate a candidate.

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  • Julia teaches SAT, and IB English and Economics. 

  • She self-funded her education from middle-school to her masters through scholarships worth $250.000

  • She was admitted to NYU Abu Dhabi, the most competitive undergraduate programme in the world, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Social Research and Public Policy, Political Science, and Film Production. She was then admitted as a Yenching scholar and completed a masters in Economics with distinction at Yenching Academy at Pekin University.

  • Julia started her career in journalism combining her writing skills and passion for current affairs. She has worked for the Huffington Post and the United Nations in New York, served as a CNN international correspondent in Paris, and as a journalist at Thomson Reuter's in Jerusalem following the 2014 Israel- Gaza war.

  • Julia recently transitioned in her career from journalism to modelling and acting, and is now a trained martial artist and stuntperson, working with companies such as Sky and Disney on a variety of projects.

  • Julia believes that anyone can achieve their dreams with the support and belief of a trusting coach and tutor.

Julia Saubier


This course occurs residentially at the H-FARM Campus (4th - 29th July) and online (4th - 29th July).


Work with the top-scoring SAT tutors

You will work with top-scoring SAT tutors, who attended the world’s best universities, such as Harvard and Oxford. Through rigorous, interactive and engaging tutorials, you will explore every topic present on the English and Maths sections of the SAT.

Learn and monitor your progress 

There will be over 10 hours of objective assessments. 
This ensures your progress is objectively measured and tracked, and that you will get ample opportunities to practice before the actual exams. 

Immerse yourself in beauty and make new friends

From sea to mountains, the H-FARM campus  is only 20 minutes way from some of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of Northern Italy. The BLENDED course is an amazing opportunity to make life-long friendships with your fellow adventurers!

Beginner and advanced

We test your SAT proficiency at the beginning of the course. Based on your level, we will place you in a Level 1 (Beginner/Intermediate), or a Level 2 class (Advanced).


There are maximum twenty students for each class, so you will enjoy a bespoke learning experience.

Would you like to join the course? Please reach out so that we may tell you more about the next steps.

Writing on Computer



Don't fancy going all the way to Venice?

Join our online course!

The online courses are interactive, live. 

Our pillar is engagement, and each tutorial is student-led.

The tutor will explain the material, but he or she will ask you to be centre stage and solve worked examples.

4 weeks fully online

Flexible and convenient, you can follow the sessions anywhere in the world. All lessons are live, in small tutorial groups (less than 20 students).

The focus is on you

Your skills, your capacity to solve a problem, and your ability to express your arguments will be strengthened. Highly qualified and experienced online tutors will guide you through each session, ensuring an engaging teaching experience tailored to your needs.

Would you like to join the course? Please reach out so that we may tell you more about the next steps.




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