Education as a mission and as a life-style: the Valdo Academics team 

The founder: Roberto Valdo Cortese

Roberto is an Italian entrepreneur in London, an education consultant and an award-winning theater director and producer.

He received his education as an economist at University College London (UCL) - one of the UK's most prestigious universities - where he graduated with First Class Honors, earning a scholarship as the best student of the faculty of Arts and Humanities (which counts over 6,000 students).


Before studying at UCL, he obtained his IB Diploma in 2013 with 44/45 as the best student of his school, the United World College of the Adriatic, which he attended with a full € 44,000 scholarship, which he received after a regional and national selection. The score obtained placed him in 2013 in the best 0.3% of IB graduates in the world.


He started working as a tutor and mentor 5 years ago, accumulating over 4,000 hours of certified teaching experience.

Valdo Academics and the Arts world

Roberto is co-founder, producer, and Head of the Research Department at Power Play Theatre.


Power Play is a social enterprise that supports itself financially through the sale of data analysis services on gender equality in the British art world - from traditional statistics, to artificial intelligence solutions in data analytics.

It represents an excellence in the English theater scene: in 2018, it produced and staged one of the two most awarded plays at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (the largest art festival in the world for number of shows), having won the Fringe First and Filipa Bragança Award .


This passion for art and entrepreneurship is the backbone of Valdo Academics. Like Roberto, all our tutors are academics, artists and entrepreneurs. Our goal is not simply to help students get high grades. It is forming brilliant, enterprising and creative minds - the ingredients needed to excel in class as well as in life.

The commitment in the United World Colleges (UWC)

The commitment in the world of education goes beyond teaching.


Roberto, as several tutors at Valdo Academics, is in fact part of the Italian Selection Committee for United World Colleges (, a prestigious network of IB boarding schools dedicated to promoting international cooperation.


In recent years,he has been helping manage a large-scale selection process, which has involved 1,200 candidates and led to the allocation of € 2.2 million in 50 national scholarships each year.


The bond with the United World Colleges remains strong: most of our tutors today are UWC Alumni.


Head of Operations: Emma Russo

Emma is a professional tutor, operational consultant, dancer and writer. 

Her role is to put into action Valdo Academics' strategic and pedagogical plan. 

Emma holds a BA Honors in Sociology from the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver (Canada) through the prestigious scholarship "International Leader of Tomorrow Award" ($ 44.000 a year).

Prior to studying at UBC, Emma scored 42/45 points in her IB Diploma at the United World College of the Adriatic, attending through a full scholarship that was awarded following a national selection. 

Emma has an extensive teaching experience, which she developed both as a professional tutor and as a Teaching Assistant for introductory and advanced sociology courses at UBC. In 2018, the Sociology Department at UBC awarded Emma the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award for her teaching philosophy and her students' outstanding academic performance.

Admin Coordinator: Matilda Curtis

Matilda is a professional tutor, writer, and educational consultant.

As Admin Coordinator, she oversees the regulatory compliance of the company, as well as makes sure that our clients' journey is operationally smooth.

Matilda graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in English Language and Literature, where she won the University’s Shakespeare Prize. She has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing.


Matilda is a fiction writer as well as a writer for the stage and screen. She has been part of Soho Theatre Young Writers Lab and the Dramatic Writing course at RADA. In 2017, she was nominated for the ‘Rising Star’ award by The Hospital Club and was a finalist for the ‘30 Below 30’ contest Narrative Magazine. Her work has been performed at Camden People’s Theatre, The Old Red Lion and Theatre N16. ‘Somebody’ had a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 with the company Power Play. 


Matilda has four years of experience with tuition and tuition administration. She has built up extensive teaching experience working as a private tutor, assisting in classrooms and leading small tuition groups. She believes in using her creativity and experience in the arts to enrich and enliven her teaching.


Matilda believes in the power of one-to-one tutoring as a tool to build confidence and instill genuine love in a subject by helping children find the joy and purpose in the task at hand. Tuition allows anyone, whatever their ability level, to unravel knottier problems at their own pace. Matilda is passionate about finding the perfect match between student and tutor.

Our tutors



  • Michele teaches Biology and Chemistry, and prepares students for admission to the best Faculties of Medicine

  • Michele graduated from UCL with honors in Medical Sciences and Neuroscience with a research project supervised by the 2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, Dr. J. O'Keefe.


  • He has just completed his final year at UCL Medical School, obtaining a Distinction in both clinical years. He is now working as a junior doctor in Italy.​

  • Before studying at UCL, he graduated with 44/45 IB points from the United World College of the Adriatic (placing himself in the top 0.3% worldwide); he studied at UWCAD with a full scholarship worth € 40,000 after a national selection.

  • He has extensive tutoring experience, having participated in teaching activities for university students and IB over the course of six years.

  • Besides being a doctor and a tutor, he is a multi-instrumentalist specialized in piano, with an education in the Italian conservatory.

  • His scientific and clinical background, together with his passion for music, allows him to draw on different skills to offer a unique and engaging teaching style.

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