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Do you struggle with procrastination?

Are you a student who finds it difficult to keep up with academic tasks?

Are you missing out on deadlines, pulling all-nighters, or handing in assignments last-minute?

Chances are, you don't need tutoring.

You need the Time Management Programme.

Become the master
of your own time

We have developed a structered coaching programme to help you.

Book a free consultation to speak with our team and find out more.

Why improve time management?

  • Students that work with us usually seek to improve their results in specific subjects or to increase their chances of being accepted in the University of their dreams.

  • Yet, they are often held back by a lack of time management skills that prevents them from making the most of the opportunities they already have. Often, students come to us overwhelmed in their study programs and having underdeveloped time management and organizational skills.

  • Decades of teaching experience have taught us that tuition is rendered ineffective, if students do not study roughly 2hrs for every hour of tuition they receive, to consolidate what they learn in the session and reproduce it autonomously. Tutoring is less effective, if students do not know how to find the time to study on their own.

  • Poorly managing their schedule does not just result in ineffective investments. It also results in stress, anxiety, missed deadlines,  lower quality assignments and thus lower grades, with a cascade of consequences for university applications and future plans. You might know how to solve equations... but if you struggle to organise your own time, how can you succeed at school university, or in the workplace?​​

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If you don't take clear decisions on your study schedule, how can you invest time and money in schools and tutoring?

Give structure to your talent.

Let's learn from sportspeople

You may or may not like soccer quite as much as we do at Valdo Academics... But you probably have heard of Cristiano Ronaldo!


Did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo is famed for his work ethic and incredibly tight training schedule? Where would he be if he did not take such good care of how his days are organised? He is a master time manager!

On the other hand, you probably have never heard of Antonio Cassano. He was heralded as the greatest footballer of his generation in the early noughties... but was notoriously bad at managing his schedule, attending training on time, and keeping a consistent work ethic.  Ultimately, his talent gave Cassano the opportunity to play for Real Madrid. But it's his lack of organisational skills, that got him kicked out from the same team.

At Valdo Academics, we don't run after a football: we help you excel at school. However, we have developed a programme to help you get the same elite sports mentality into your academic studies. Ultimately, we want to help you be more like Cristiano Ronaldo, and less like Antonio Cassano. 

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How does the Time Machine programme work?

​This is a 1:1 program, where each student is supported by a personal tutor.


As our ultimate goal is for students to become fully independent in managing their time and their study skills, the program is organized in 2 phases where you get progressively more autonomous.

Phase 1: Structure and support

Three daily phone calls

To set objectives, help you organize your week, and keep track of tasks and important deadlines.

Five days per week

Your tutors will offer you support Monday through Friday, making sure that you work towards achieving your goals.

Three months to grow

You will gain fundamental organizational skills that will help you succeed in your academic and professional life

Plan your day
with your tutor

  • Every Monday you will meet with your tutor for a 30 minutes long session. You will set weekly goals, check deadlines, and organize the work of the week depending on your needs.

  • Between Tuesday and Friday you will meet at the beginning of the afternoon for a 15 minutes long call. During this call, your tutor will help you set up the work for the upcoming timeslot.

Check if you followed the plan

At the end of each day you will meet again with your tutor to thoroughly check on the progress of your work and the completion of your tasks.

Compass & Map

The decisions are yours to take.

We are there to guide you

The program is completely personalizable. In the very first session we will thoroughly assess and discuss your mid to long term objectives, strengths and weaknesses, in order to offer the most specific and useful tools. 

Phase 2: Responsibility and independence

Two weekly coaching sessions

During this stage, you will only meet your tutor for two 30 minutes-long sessions. On Mondays you will set your weekly goals together with your tutor, and on Fridays you will assess your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Becoming autonomous

The ultimate goal of this phase is to reduce the direct contact with your tutors, but maintain accountability in order to foster your independence and ability to achieve your long-term objectives on your own.


Empowering students
and families

  • Being enrolled in a personalized time management program allows students to work towards mid and long-term goals by understanding the connection between goals that may seem far in the future with present, daily actions.

  • The program solidifies students’ ability to deal with their ongoing workload as they learn to organize themselves and understand their priorities.

  • Tutors monitor students' progress and keep a close communication with the families through weekly reports.

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Scroll through the slideshow to meet your coaches

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  • Neila is a tutor and co-creator of the Valdo Academics Time Machine  program, both in English and in Italian. Neila graduated with a first-honors class degree cum laude in Philosophy, International and Economics Studies at Ca’ Foscari University. Before completing her bachelor, she obtained the IB Diploma at the Mahindra United World College of India, which she attended upon receiving a full scholarship based on regional and national selection.

  • Neila has refined her own time management and self-organization skills for many years, leading her to now successfully juggle a plethora of demanding activities. Besides being a tutor and program designer at Valdo Academics, she is a writer and editor at the research centre, while also taking courses in Arabic and Sociology at SOAS University of London, and preparing her Research Masters applications. ​At, she is working in the editorial board and also pursuing her research interests in migration and gender issues specifically in the Sub-Saharan region.

  • Already during her studies, Neila put her own “time machine” to the test, by attending three universities, two of which at the same time - the test was successful, and Neila’s impressive organizational skills allowed her to complete her studies in two academic years instead of three. Her academic and work experience allow her to be an optimal fit as a Time Machine tutor, as she combines great organization with attention to details and care for the well-being of her students. 

  • Neila’s leadership skills go far beyond her mentoring engagements, and she has consistently applied them to her passion for international affairs. During university, she was elected to attend a course held by an independent Palestinian NGO on the current issues in international human rights law encountered in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. She also participated in the Harvard National Model United Nations in Boston (USA). while studying the IB India, she was a founding member and instructor of the Ultimate Frisbee team, which aimed at bridging the gender gap and stereotypes about women in sports between young men and women from disadvantaged rural backgrounds.

  • When she is not tutoring or working as a researcher, Neila enjoys spending time in the mountains, running, hiking, doing lots of yoga and painting abstract art.

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