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We offer complete support to students who wish to study in the best British universities 

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UCAS Applications - Free consultation
20 min

We can help you in all the steps of your application journey: 

  • Choice of universities and degree courses

  • Curriculum enrichment (internships, research, university lectures)

  • Planning the personal statement

  • Preparation for tests and university interviews

Higher success rates

On average, british students have 3 of their offers accepted (3.45 to be precise), whilst Valdo Academics student usually receive all their offers (average of 4.65). 

(Source: UCAS)

Less risk

In 2018, 14.1% of UK students had to undertake clearing - in other words send additional university requests in August as their school grades weren't good enough for their university offers. We help our clients in making wise higher education choices which reduce the risk of clearing to 3.53%. (Source: UCAS)

Stand out amongst candidates

In 2018, 93% of UCAS applications were successful; the nationwide average was 69%! (Source: UCAS)



These results are a direct consequence of the holistic preparation we implement: from the initial consultation to results day in July, we will be by your side to help you in your UCAS journey. 

Choose your current academic phase


Students in their last year of school:

the personal statement

What is the personal statement?

The Personal Statement is a letter of presentation with which you will demonstrate to the universities that you are an unmissable candidate. This letter must be purely academic and respond to specific criteria in the way you present your credentials.


The characters


You can only use up to 4,000 characters (600 words) to explain why you are the ideal candidate.

These are very few words, but with an impressive weight!

The most important variable

In addition to the personal statement, your universities will receive your votes from the last two years, the comments of your professors on your academic performance and a prediction of your high school diploma, signed by your professors.


However, once in your last year, these parameters are already determined by your performance in past years. At this point in your journey, the personal statement is therefore the most important variable to influence the probability of success of your application.

Have you ever seen an exemplary personal statement?

We have developed an in-house method to help students write excellent personal statements

1. We help you identify your achievements and create a CV

You will be working with a specialized consultant to complete a general account of all your achievements and passions. Even the examples that seem less significant can be fundamental!

  • From the books read as an academic study, to those read as a pastime

  • From the organizational capacity demonstrated in sports activities to the determination in competitive sport

  • From your favorite topics at school to your work experiences

All your achievements can be transformed into food for thought about your academic ability to show why you are an indispensable candidate.

We help you turn your CV into a pitch

After having listed all the goals, you will transform them according to the standardized STAR format


  • Situation: what was the context of your goal?

  • Task: What exactly did you have to do?

  • Action: What did you do?

  • Result: What was the measurable goal achieved? How did you exceed your expectations?


This will allow you to create a series of detailed paragraphs on your achievements, testing their effectiveness with an expert.

3. We help you find your story (first draft)

After showing all the achievements in STAR format, you will be able to select the most effective paragraphs.


  • These will create the skeleton of your personal statement

  • The next step is then to sew them, developing a personal branding and a unique story that highlights your journey

4. We teach you how to cut on words (final draft)

Finally we help you reduce the number of words, to respect the limit set at 4,000 characters. At the end of this phase, the personal statement obtained will be the result of a distillation that kept only the most relevant points for your application.

So basically do you write our own personal statements for us?

Of course not! We are a tutor agency: professionals dedicated to education as a lifestyle and as a passion. If we wrote personal statements to our students we would diminish the importance of our work. Moreover, it would be humiliating for you pupils.


Our goal is to form brilliant, enterprising and responsible minds.


It is up to you students to do the work. We can show you the way and accurately describe the steps to follow, creating a plan so that the obstacles can be dealt with more serenely. However, the learning path lies in facing the journey - not in reaching the destination with a shortcut.

If the universities invite you for a test or for an interview, we have a dedicated team to help you shine

Preparation for tests

We can help you develop an action plan to prepare you for the exams your UCAS Application will require. 

Here you can see some test examples we've worked on






Step 1, Step 2, Mat


TSA (Oxford)

Interview coaching

Some universities will invite you for an interview on Skype or in person.


These interviews are mainly aimed at testing your academic skills and therefore it is difficult to prepare yourself at the last moment. 

Therefore, if your application requires an interview, you can work with us to prepare in advance.

Oxford and Cambridge

We can help you with mock interviews and interview coaching services for Oxford and Cambridge, with consultants who have studied in these universities and helped several students to enter these institutions.


Medical interviews will ask you to use both your academic and professional medical knowledge. We can simulate interviews with specialized consultants to help you improve both of these areas.

Start your journey

We give advice free of charge to all the families and candidates who contact us. 

You can write or call us on the phone

Students in their penultimate year, or in the summer between their penultimate and last year

If you are at this stage, you are in the last useful moment to be able to plan the application path in advance. At this time, you can still take advantage of the opportunities offered by the summer to enrich your CV.


Work ahead of time! There are five things you have to focus on that we can help you with


Choose with us the universities where you will apply


University choice is not simply a matter of rankings.

  • You will need to identify your high-risk universities (where it is possible but difficult to enter) and your safe-choices. What will be the optimal level of risk to be exposed to?

  • You will need to understand which cities are suitable for your personality: do you prefer a campus-style university like Oxford, or a university in an urban context like LSE?

  • Do you prefer the theoretical or practical aspects of your course of study? Are you interested in research?

  • How much will it cost you? Can you get the notorious Loan of Honor to pay for your studies?

  • What is the difference between Scottish and English universities?

  • Are there scholarships available?

Our role is to help you answer these questions and help you achieve a serene and stimulating university future.


Get the desired predicted grade


At the beginning of the last year, your professors will have to give a prediction of your final grade.


This predicted grade will be sent to universities and will be one of the main factors that will influence the outcome of your applications.


Through our tutoring programs and our lessons, we can help you achieve the grade you wish to get.

Show genuine passion with your CV


Develop your CV and explore your passions


The summer that awaits you offers a unique opportunity to explore the subjects that interest you and demonstrate your passion through courses, individual lessons, summer schools, specific readings and internships. You must accumulate these experiences now, to be able to write your personal statement in August or September!


For each of our students, we organize a stimulating journey that allows us to accumulate the necessary amount of experience to demonstrate a genuine interest in the subject.

We can help you enrich your CV in three distinct ways

University Lessons

We organise university lectures in the subject that interests you

Click to read an example

Application for UCL

Politics, Philosophy, Economics



We help you find an internship in a correlated field of study


Click to read an example:
Application for Warwick
Matematica Applicata


Summer Schools

We can reccomend you suitable summer schools in the UK

Click to read an example:
A student undecided between Economics and Law

Finally, we help you reap the benefits of one year of preparation


Write your Personal Statement

All the experiences you have accumulated over the years will be summarized in a single essay: the personal statement.


This will be written at the beginning or during your last year, so you still have time to enrich your CV!


Test and interviews


Many courses require extra exams and interviews, as well as predicted grades and a personal statement. For example


  • Medicine

  • Law

  • PPE

  • Maths

  • Liberal arts

  • Business


It is essential to prepare with as much advance as possible for these tests, which will take place in your last year, and we can create customized programs to help you do that.