The effectiveness of our method is proven by the results of our students

Shine among the candidates

In 2019, 93% of university applications from our clients resulted in an offer, compared to an Italian average of 55% and a British average of 69%! (Source: UCAS)



This added value is due to the holistic preparation that we offer: from the initial consultations, up to the announcement of the results in July, we will be by your side to support you.

Greater success

On average, UK students enter about 3.5 universities, while Valdo Academics students enter almost 5 out of 5! (our average is 4.6).

(Source: UCAS)

Less risk

In 2019, 13.5% of applicants had to undergo clearing - that is, resubmit applications in August because school grades did not match the university offers. We help students make wise choices that allow us to reduce this risk to 3.53%. (Source: UCAS)

Valdo Academics offers all clients a free telephone consultation to clarify the admission process for students and families. Call us and we will be happy to talk to you!

Secondly, we offer complete assistance (in Italian and English) on the entire course of university applications, whether they are in the United Kingdom, EU countries or even overseas:

  1. Choice of universities and degree courses

  2. Enrichment of the curriculum (internship, research, university lectures)

  3. Planning of the personal statement / common application / motivational and reference letters

  4. Preparation for university tests and interviews

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