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Oxford Caps

Find your passions and get into your dream university, learning from the very best.

The consultants you will meet used to choose who gets into Oxford!

Do you know where and what to study?

"what degree is right for me?"

"In what countries should I study?"

What jobs will I be able to do with my target degree?

We can help you with our ORIENTATION services.

Is your profile competitive enough?

"What activities, summer schools, and readings can I engage with in the next years, to make sure that when the time comes I can present a strong application?"

We can help you plan your journey with our MENTORING programme

Do you know how to get in?

Can you assist me in drafting the application?


How to write a strong personal statement? What is the difference with a US College Essay? Can you teach me how to write a good motivation letter?

We can help you with our UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS guidance services

All of our programmes begin with a free consultation 

with a senior educational consultat

The effectiveness of our method is proven by the results of our students

Shine among the candidates

In 2021, 93% of university applications from our clients resulted in an offer, compared to an Italian average of 55% and a British average of 69%! (Source: UCAS)



This added value is due to the holistic preparation that we offer: from the initial consultations, up to the announcement of the results in July, we will be by your side to support you.

Greater success

On average, UK students enter about 3.5 universities, while Valdo Academics students enter almost 5 out of 5! (our average is 4.6).

(Source: UCAS)

Less risk

In 2021, 13.5% of applicants had to undergo clearing - that is, resubmit applications in August because school grades did not match the university offers. We help students make wise choices that allow us to reduce this risk to 3.53%. (Source: UCAS)

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