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An online academy: World excellence at your fingertips

Thanks to online lessons, you can go beyond your city

when you are looking for study support.


Our tutors have worked with Nobel Prize winners, won important academic awards and attended the best universities in the world.


They are all one click away.

What are the advantages of online lessons?

Recordable tutorials

Record your lessons

to review them later


The world is your classroom

Take lessons on vacation, at home, at school, or in a coffee shop.

You only need internet to contact us.

Spend less, learn more

Our tutors, working online, do not need transportation, so they will ask up to 30% less than a normal rate

Improve your concentration

The digital connection allows expanding the possibilities of interaction with the student, who has to write on whiteboards, shared documents, and share their screen via Skype.


The result is that it is much easier to keep the kids' attention alive!



On the one hand, we regret that it is not possible to have a chat with the parents about their children, have a coffee, and socialize with the rest of the family.


On the other hand, students often appreciate that a greater proportion of lesson time is spent learning!

Technology applied to e-learning



It allows us to conduct video lessons in real time, recordable by students



Draw and write down equations on a shared board; download the notes as PDF!


Google Docs

It allows us to work on the same document simultaneously: receive feedback in real time!



Analyze equations on interactive charts!

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 12.16.26.png

Electronic GDC

Learn to use the graphing calculator through the online version, shared with the tutor!



The platform on which the family can view all the lessons taken and the total accrued

Three pillars to sustain our pedagogy


Student responsibility

By working with us, students can learn how to overcome the obstacles and academic challenges they face.


However, the work with our tutors complements and strengthens the student's independent work. It never replaces it.


Working with us, pupils agree to undertake a journey that requires commitment and responsibility.

2.5 hours

We ask our pupils to study 2.5 hours for each hour of enhancement they request

Intellectual honesty

We do not write essays to students, or their personal statements. Instead we cultivate honesty and our students’ responsibility


Transparent collaboration with the school

Our tutors complement the work done in the classroom, which remains the backbone of student training.


As a result, our tutors get in contact with teachers

to better coordinate work with students.


Soft Skills development

In the vast majority of cases, the academic weaknesses of our students are at least in part due to weaknesses in the very precious "soft skills".


These include creativity (crucial in research projects), initiative (fundamental for self-study), self-criticism (necessary for the objective assessment of one's own performance) and self-confidence.


Therefore, we monitor and develop these skills in a targeted manner, as well as academic skills.





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