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Join our teams of tutors, mentors and coaches

We work with tutors able to offer a unique and engaging teaching experience - professors, artists, journalists and entrepreneurs dedicated to the academic world as a tool to improve themselves and others.


Below we describe the prerequisites of our tutors. If you think you can satisfy them and share our project, start your application!


IB Experience

To teach with us you must have personal experience with the IB Diploma - either as a teacher or as a student.

Academic excellence

All our tutors have proven to excel academically during their course of study - both in high school and university.


 What baggage of experiences and what passions make you an unique mentor, besides the academic skill?


Because of the schedule of families and students, it is essential to have great freedom in managing your own times to work with us.


Not all of our students face study with serenity. It is important to be ready to offer support with kindness and sensitivity.

How does the selection process work?


Register on Tutorcruncher

Tutorcruncher is the platform through which we manage our administrative processes - from the selection of tutors, to the connection with customers, to the generation of invoices and payments.


You can create your profile on tutorcruncher by following the link below that invites you to start the application. You can then log in with the button at the top right.


Make sure you complete the profile if you want us to invite you to an interview!


Import a CV and a bio on your account

Once you have completed your Tutorcruncher account, use the "upload document" function to import


(1) a curriculum vitae


(2) a 250-300 words long bio, which summarises your academic and professional achievements.

Make sure you highlight the most recent and interesting experiences in your career that make you an exceptional tutor. Please, make sure to write it in the third person, using the bios on our website as a model. In particular, you should include:

Paragraph 1: What subjects you teach, what you studied in your degrees, your university and graduation class, your current profession. Include the most prestigious academic awards you have won. If you wish to teach IB Diploma, it is vital that you also include your IB score.

Paragraph 2: Your most recent and most important professional experiences (jobs, internships or academic research). If you are still studying and/or have no work experience, focus on extra-curricular activities that speak to your skills and interests.

Paragraph 3: A brief summary of your teaching experience e your personal teaching style; your hobbies and passions outside of school and work.

Refer to our tutors' bios on the website as a template. If the format of your bio differs from the format of the bio of our tutors, we will not be able to evaluate your credentials to proceed with the application.


Academic and formative interview

If your qualifications and experiences are compatible with our prerequisites, you will receive an invitation for a Zoom interview with our Founding Director, Roberto Valdo Cortese, and our Head of Tutoring, Emma Russo. 

The interview will consist of a simulation of an online class.


You will then be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Interactivity and engagement

  • Accuracy of the explanations

  • Knowledge of the course material

  • Presentation

  • Ability to react to student feedback

The interview will also be an opportunity to assess whether our teaching styles are compatible. During the session, you will discuss the details of our pedagogy - simulating lecture excerpts and tackling case studies where you will be asked to improvise.

In this phase, you will be evaluated based on your ability to improve your teaching style, and to align yourself with the style we expect from the tutors we represent.

In some cases where the result of the interview is unclear to us, we will give you the opportunity to hold further interviews.

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